Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby with ballot ready to vote

Everyone wants to erase that smile from Zuabi. Put קצ in the ballot box.

My son, My son!

My son, my son, I have difficulty with my separation from you
Dear Gilad, save the people of Israel, take care of the enemies of Israel and crush them properly!
I broke up with at this time when leaving Gilad at the induction center at Tel Hashomer
On this day, both I entering the Knesset and my son Gildad will protect you, the people of Israel!
My son, my son you said goodbye...
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Gilad Marzel listen:

Gilad Marzel - listen!
Many of you ask me privately:
"Baruch, what will you do on election day ...? "
Politicians will work today in a last effort to collect more votes. And you? 
I today accompanied my son, dear Gilad Marzel, to the Induction Center.
I fought the war in Lebanon and on the Beirut Road. It is known, according to foreign reports - Seven Syrian commandos were killed by that battle ...
Today, like all my dear children who joined a combat unit, sons who are following me, give too - their contribution to Israel, the country we love so much!
Gilad, I love you and I am proud of you.
VOTE "YACHAD" " קצ "

Monday, March 16, 2015

Looking good! Polls show 6 seats,

Looking good! Polls show 6 seats, 

Yachad Platform

Yachad Platform

*For the first time in Israeli electoral history the Haredi
National Religious and Traditional factions of Orthodox Jews
have united under a single banner. We have based our unity
on those issues that we all hold dear Torah.

*All aspects of running a modern state can be informed by
our Torah. These include economy, security, foreign policy and
social issues. We will operate under the guidance of Torah
*We firmly oppose laws that violate our eternal Torah
principles. We will work with all sectors to build mutual trust
and cooperation in building a just society.
*We will work to deepen the unity among all sectors of the
Jewish public. This will be done by education to understanding
Jewish values and mutual respect.
*Yachad will never allow our country to lose its Jewish
character. We are proud of the values that have preserved
the Jewish people throughout history.
* We pledge to strengthen the right-wing.
*Yachad will not establish any coalition with left-wing parties.
* We will strongly defend Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and
we'll work to strengthen both.
*We hold that all of Yehuda and Shomron must be included
as part of the sovereign State of Israel and will remove
barriers to settling the land.
*We will work for immediate acceptance of the Levy Report.
*Yachad will not give up one centimeter of the land of Israel •
*The IDF must continue to be a strong force with the power
of deterrence and the determination to defeat the enemy.
*Protecting the life of Israeli citizens is its primary task.
*We hold dear and appreciate the soldiers in the IDF, our
sons who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the State of
Israel and her citizens.
* Yeshiva students are the rescue corps and protectors of Israel
through their Torah study. Those whose full time occupation is
not Torah study will be drafted into appropriate frameworks in
the IDF or national service coordinated with community needs
*The flow of illegals threatens the safety and well-being of the
residents in those neighborhoods where they have settled.
MK Eli Yishai began the process of helping these migrants
to willingly return to their homeland. In addition, he was
instrumental in building the fence that has halted the entry of
additional migrants.
* Yachad sees the security of Israel and its citizens as a
primary obligation of the government.
* Increased supervision of monopolies and punishment of
* Lowering cost of living by removing VAT from basic domestic
food products and prescription medicines.
* Raising disability and old age pensions to allow an
honorable living. Also, streamlining the process of applying for
* Lower Housing costs by authorizing 60,000 new housing
starts and streamlining the process of acquiring building

At the Bat Yam Cannon

At the Bat Yam Cannon. Together we will put an end to our enemies


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