Monday, March 16, 2015

While walking to the Polls Remember!

While walking to the polls remember!

Keep in mind!
Those in heaven .........!

Remember-- the Fogel family!
Remember - Kobe!While walking to the Polls Remember!
Remember- Diddon
Remember--Tomer Cantor!
Remember--Adele Bitton!
Remember-Gilad, Eyal and Naftali !
Remember-the Baruch Mizrachi נצ"מ!
Remember--the children, teens, adults and all the pious, who were murdered by loathsome terrorists !
Remember--the slaughter in the Jewish synagogue where men were wrapped in tallisim wearing tefillin!
Remember-Nachlaovi David Eisner, and our heroes who daily get hit by Arab stones and not allowed to respond!
Now think to yourself-who sat on the Government when this happened.
There was Bibbi, Lieberman, Bennett, Tzipi, Boogie and. .. Uri Ariel also Aronowitz, and Eilat Shaked.
Today they promise us "death to terrorists"
'' We have to be strong against Hamas. "
"We against the left".
And the next day after elections what will thy do?
This time has come to end, '' ' it '
This time they will vote for Mazel!
And say Adios to Tibi and Zuabi!
Only if we are "together" we will implement the disappearance of fear for soldiers responding to terrorists!
Only if "together" will security return to south Tel Aviv !
Only voting for "Yachad: we will win".

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