Monday, March 2, 2015

The survey the enemy in Israel did not participate in.

Good week good Jews,
The survey the enemy in Israel did not participate in.
Everyone is busy with election surveys, I can't wait to see what you can expect from me as your spokesperson and what G-d willing, I'm going to do for you in the Knesset.
In recent weeks I have received lots of suggestions.
I am concentrating on the three most prominent suggestions among numerous proposals sent to me. We invite you to participate and register your preference in the comments.
1. The death penalty for terrorists.
2. Revocation of citizenship for anyone who is against the State, the military and speaking against the state and military to newspapers.
3. Significant relief to soldiers for apprehending suspects.Which means no shackling the soldiers with investigations and legal restraints!
Think the death penalty for terrorists? Comment-1
Think revocation of citizenship? Comment-2
Think the soldiers need no legal restraints in apprehending suspects.
Because I don't want to talk, I'm here to do I am waiting for comments
19 people reached

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