Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby with ballot ready to vote

Everyone wants to erase that smile from Zuabi. Put קצ in the ballot box.

My son, My son!

My son, my son, I have difficulty with my separation from you
Dear Gilad, save the people of Israel, take care of the enemies of Israel and crush them properly!
I broke up with at this time when leaving Gilad at the induction center at Tel Hashomer
On this day, both I entering the Knesset and my son Gildad will protect you, the people of Israel!
My son, my son you said goodbye...
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Gilad Marzel listen:

Gilad Marzel - listen!
Many of you ask me privately:
"Baruch, what will you do on election day ...? "
Politicians will work today in a last effort to collect more votes. And you? 
I today accompanied my son, dear Gilad Marzel, to the Induction Center.
I fought the war in Lebanon and on the Beirut Road. It is known, according to foreign reports - Seven Syrian commandos were killed by that battle ...
Today, like all my dear children who joined a combat unit, sons who are following me, give too - their contribution to Israel, the country we love so much!
Gilad, I love you and I am proud of you.
VOTE "YACHAD" " קצ "

Monday, March 16, 2015

Looking good! Polls show 6 seats,

Looking good! Polls show 6 seats, 

Yachad Platform

Yachad Platform

*For the first time in Israeli electoral history the Haredi
National Religious and Traditional factions of Orthodox Jews
have united under a single banner. We have based our unity
on those issues that we all hold dear Torah.

*All aspects of running a modern state can be informed by
our Torah. These include economy, security, foreign policy and
social issues. We will operate under the guidance of Torah
*We firmly oppose laws that violate our eternal Torah
principles. We will work with all sectors to build mutual trust
and cooperation in building a just society.
*We will work to deepen the unity among all sectors of the
Jewish public. This will be done by education to understanding
Jewish values and mutual respect.
*Yachad will never allow our country to lose its Jewish
character. We are proud of the values that have preserved
the Jewish people throughout history.
* We pledge to strengthen the right-wing.
*Yachad will not establish any coalition with left-wing parties.
* We will strongly defend Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and
we'll work to strengthen both.
*We hold that all of Yehuda and Shomron must be included
as part of the sovereign State of Israel and will remove
barriers to settling the land.
*We will work for immediate acceptance of the Levy Report.
*Yachad will not give up one centimeter of the land of Israel •
*The IDF must continue to be a strong force with the power
of deterrence and the determination to defeat the enemy.
*Protecting the life of Israeli citizens is its primary task.
*We hold dear and appreciate the soldiers in the IDF, our
sons who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the State of
Israel and her citizens.
* Yeshiva students are the rescue corps and protectors of Israel
through their Torah study. Those whose full time occupation is
not Torah study will be drafted into appropriate frameworks in
the IDF or national service coordinated with community needs
*The flow of illegals threatens the safety and well-being of the
residents in those neighborhoods where they have settled.
MK Eli Yishai began the process of helping these migrants
to willingly return to their homeland. In addition, he was
instrumental in building the fence that has halted the entry of
additional migrants.
* Yachad sees the security of Israel and its citizens as a
primary obligation of the government.
* Increased supervision of monopolies and punishment of
* Lowering cost of living by removing VAT from basic domestic
food products and prescription medicines.
* Raising disability and old age pensions to allow an
honorable living. Also, streamlining the process of applying for
* Lower Housing costs by authorizing 60,000 new housing
starts and streamlining the process of acquiring building

At the Bat Yam Cannon

At the Bat Yam Cannon. Together we will put an end to our enemies


TIME FOR A CHANGE! VOTE YACHAD! Read bottom of post.

Who will make south Tel Avivi Jewish again?

Who will make south Tel Avivi Jewish again? Baruch Marzel from Eli Yashai -Vote "Yachad".

We are being conquered from within.

We are being conquered from within. Let's take control of our country and the Temple Mount

Promises to fight assimilation from the Knesset

Promises to fight assimilation from the Knesset

MK Meretz - under pressure

MK Meretz - under pressure
Michal afraid ....
Michal, the truth is that you have good reasons to be afraid, in the next Knesset, we and your fellow Knesset members- will vote you out of the Knesset.
This time "קץ" will end defeatism!

We are united!

Just marching together unites secular and religious Sephardim and Ashkanazim breaking the barriers and are voting together!

.Because of Israel's enemies we need the large strong hand of Marzel.

If you like Bennett and Bibi. This time, voters must vote "Yachad" to strengthen the right
.Because of Israel's enemies we need the large strong hand of Marzel.

Marzel was racist?.

Marzel was racist?.
Since the beginning of the election campaign, everyone must have seen the media blitz that made me not only media news - screaming ads all over the street, articles in newspapers, TV news and much more ... A racist Marzel hates everyone, etc etc and. ..
The Court also tried to trick me and prevent me to address all those issues of wanting to take care of Israel haters.
Tried but did not succeed.
Here's another statement, one of many, who sent to me by dear land of Israel Loyalists, they're not Jews, but that doesn't mean I hate them, on the contrary, I love and adore them!
I am only against haters and enemies of Israel, among them and only them!
Tomorrow vote ballot ״קץ״!

Marzel is the cruel!

Marzel is the curel!

Let's put on end to these terror attacks again, again and yet again.

Let's put on end to these terror attacks again, again and yet again.
Women and men together on Tuesday vote to end terrorism!
Voting "Yachad " קצ is a safe vote for the right. There will be a unity government but not right-wing government with a clear view how to deal with war on terror! Let Marzel push them to the right to end terror.
Marzel to the Knesset - have Jewish Strength. We must put an end to terrorism!
Share . Everyone must get out and vote קצ and end this terror..

Why Indict Marzel Now?

Attorney General Grills Police: Why Indict Marzel Now?

Weinstein steps in to find out who decided to file indictment on old case week before elections; Marzel: 'even AG knows this is harassment.'

First Publish: 3/12/2015, 3:43 PM

Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on Thursday demanded answers from Maj. Gen. Mani Yitzhaki, head of the Police Investigations Department, as to why an indictment on a two-year-old case against Otzma Yehudit candidate Baruch Marzel was filed a week before elections.

Weinstein pressed Yitzhaki to explain what were the considerations that led to submitting the indictment on such an old case at such suspect timing given the proximity to elections, and who was the police source who decided to file the indictment, reports Walla!.

Police claimed on Wednesday that the indictment was filed "innocently," but admitted that the timing required an investigation. A check quickly revealed the decision had been made at the junior level of the police, indicating that the senior rank of police were in the dark about the move.

"If the senior leadership had known that an indictment would be submitted adjacent to the elections, certainly a decision like this would not have been made," a police source told the news site. "This is a decision that fell through the cracks, but it was all innocent."

Marzel responded to Weinstein's investigation into the suspicious indictment, writing on Facebook "even the attorney general understands that this is harassment against me."

"It won't help the left, in the coming Knesset I will be there and I will make order there!" vowed the Otzma Yehudit candidate, who is number four on the Yachad - Ha'am Itanu joint list.
The indictment deals with an incident in Marzel's hometown of Hevron from February 2013, in which he allegedly struck an Arab resident during a confrontation.

Marzel's lawyer, Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, wrote Weinstein on Wednesday seeking answers over the indictment that "stinks of election tampering."

"Why did they not wait with this?” Ben-Gvir asked Weinstein. “Was this such an important indictment that it could not wait a week, until after the elections? And if so, why was it not filed a year ago? Whoever decided on the timing of this has made a very strange decision."

Marzel interview with Jewish Press

Very good interview on all subjects. You might be surprised at answers.
He opposes socialism and capitalism, believes Judaism should guide those decisions, but welcomes anyone who does not want to kill Jews.

I'll Take Over Bennett's Media Role as 'Extreme Right'

Marzel: I'll Take Over Bennett's Media Role as 'Extreme Right'

In the voter dilemma between Jewish Home and Yachad, Baruch Marzel says Yachad's presence is Right's only chance of forming a government.
First Publish: 3/15/2015, 3:01 PM

Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel
Israel news photo: Flash 90
Otzma Yehudit member and Yachad-Ha'am Itanu candidate Baruch Marzel attended an election conference in Maale Adumim Saturday night, where he addressed the struggle for votes among parties belonging to the right-wing bloc.
According to Marzel, the dilemma for real right-wing voters is between Jewish Home and Yachad, whereby he called on constituents to choose Yachad.
"We all want to see Orit Struk in the Knesset," Marzel said, referencing the current MK who is now number 13 on Jewish Home's list.
"But I realized that Anat Roth is number 14 on Jewish Home's list. I know she had a personal upheaval and abandoned the Left to come to the Right, but the main question, with all due respect, is not one of a personal nature."
"It's not even half a mandate or even less to Jewish Home, but the real question is if Yachad will be hurt and four mandates will be missing to forming a right-wing government," Marzel opined.
"If so," he warned, "we will crown Buji [Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog] as prime minister."
Marzel also addressed how his presence in the Knesset would affect the entire parliamentary body, particularly Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett and Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked.
"My entrance to the Knesset will drag the entire Knesset rightward. It will drag Bennett and Shaked, and also the Likud to better places, and Jewish Home would have considerably more leeway."
More importantly, Marzel summed up, was that "from the perspective of the media, I will be the 'extreme Right' and Bennett and Shaked will be able to release themselves from this image."
"Therefore, for everyone in the land of Israel who finds a right-wing governance important, today, according to all the polls, must ensure Yachad's entrance into the Knesset."
"Although all the surveys have given Yachad between four and five mandates, that could collapse [on election day] and cause the establishment of a leftist government - Netanyahu will not form the government, and Bennett will serve as the Chairman of the State's Criticism Committee from the Opposition," Marzel warned.

Without Yachad Bennett Will Be in the Opposition

Marzel: Without Yachad Bennett Will Be in the Opposition

Yachad candidate, Baruch Marzel, said on Saturday night that “Without Yachad, Netanyahu will not be Prime Minister and Bennett can at most serve as head of the Chairman of the State Comptroller’s Committee on behalf of the opposition.”
According to Marzel, “My entry into the Knesset will shift the entire Knesset to the right, dragging along Bennett, Shaked and even the Likud to better places, and will give the Jewish Home greater freedom of action.”

Interesting questions and answers

Interesting questions and answers
We were scheduled to meet today with Yachad / Otzma party candidate in the Israeli elections, Rabbi Baruch Marzel. R. Marzel is known as the far-far right side...

Marzel Indicted for Clash with Terrorist

"I'm here in Tel Aviv, in all the city there are signs 'the Kahanists are returning to the Knesset.' Signs of Meretz, of their panic," said Rap Superstar.
Hatzel notes Arab allegedly struck by Marzel not 'human rights activist' but...

While walking to the Polls Remember!

While walking to the polls remember!

Keep in mind!
Those in heaven .........!

Remember-- the Fogel family!
Remember - Kobe!While walking to the Polls Remember!
Remember- Diddon
Remember--Tomer Cantor!
Remember--Adele Bitton!
Remember-Gilad, Eyal and Naftali !
Remember-the Baruch Mizrachi נצ"מ!
Remember--the children, teens, adults and all the pious, who were murdered by loathsome terrorists !
Remember--the slaughter in the Jewish synagogue where men were wrapped in tallisim wearing tefillin!
Remember-Nachlaovi David Eisner, and our heroes who daily get hit by Arab stones and not allowed to respond!
Now think to yourself-who sat on the Government when this happened.
There was Bibbi, Lieberman, Bennett, Tzipi, Boogie and. .. Uri Ariel also Aronowitz, and Eilat Shaked.
Today they promise us "death to terrorists"
'' We have to be strong against Hamas. "
"We against the left".
And the next day after elections what will thy do?
This time has come to end, '' ' it '
This time they will vote for Mazel!
And say Adios to Tibi and Zuabi!
Only if we are "together" we will implement the disappearance of fear for soldiers responding to terrorists!
Only if "together" will security return to south Tel Aviv !
Only voting for "Yachad: we will win".

Meet at Netanya Shouk

Netanya Market (Shouk)
Meet at 5: 00 p.m., Netanya market.
I will be there along with Eli Yishai and activists

Do you understand?

Do you understand?
Even the Attorney General understands that this persecution against me
will not be a help to the left in the next Knesset. And I will be there I will put all in order!
You know what I mean ?!

Police dusty off files and found something they can use against me.

The police and Prosecutor's Office and High Court famously determined that I can run for the Knesset.
Amazing to find out that for years the police and Prosecutor's Office have been investigating the case regarding Hanin Zoabi, (humiliated cops, the statements opposing the law, etc.) and to me all of a sudd...
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