Saturday, February 28, 2015

Death to the Jews on synagogue in Ramla

Death to the Jews.
Hate crime: "death to Jews" was sprayed on a synagogue in Ramla
It's not a mosque that the news will speak about most of the evening. On Friday night and Shabbat "death to Jews" remained on the wall of the synagogue "West Street" in Ramla.
The police were called. A policeman who arrived on the scene took some pictures of "death to the Jews" that was sprayed on and later it was painted over with a grey color..
Remember, last week allegedly a mosque was torched in Jab'a village. Soon came word of the police officers arriving on the crime and the nationalist left calling it a crime and police collected evidence. But when this happens to the Jews, you won't hear a word about it. Just paint over "death to Jews." Not a crime, no evidence collected. No one arrested..

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